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The Story:


In the year 2277, Human kind had finally succeeded in its 3rd phase of planetary colonization on Mars. With the onset of 4th generation humans being born on Mars, it was discovered a number of offspring were born with advanced genetic qualities. Scientists back on Earth were given the data and unable to support the theory or speculations that native Mars inhabitants were genetically altering at the OA(Octave Activated)-DNA level. Statistics revealed genetically altered humans were born near the Valles Marineris region, which in 2120 was discovered to be the Ancient ruins of the planet. A civilization spanning a known existence of 800,000 years, to the elders this region was once known as Mars Black.

The Storyline:

On April 22nd, 2:22AM in the year 2267 a huge disruption of energy on the planet Earth caused by supposed seismic anomalies shifted the Earth's axis point on 2 planes. The X-Axis by 3 degrees and the Y axis by 4. At first scientist's believed the Earth would only suffer minor effects. The 3 degrees on the X-Axis caused an acceleration of the Earth's orbit around the sun, shortening it's orbit cycle to 333 days. The one that was troubling the scientific community was the 4 degree offset of the Y-Axis. Once proven that indeed Earth's Y-Axis was altered the fate of the planet was revealed. In 24 years, 5 Months and 6 days Earth and it's Moon would be on a collision course with Mars.
Immediately the Solar community formed a committee to propose solutions to the ill fated planets. With only 5 years to propose solutions time was running out......

The Mission, the Men and the Crew:

In the year 2288 5 brave men from the Valles Marineris region, made their way to the Solarian council. There they declared their mission statement. They would return to the Earth in the year 2010 creating balancing vibrational vortices to prevent the cataclysmic event in 2267. The mission would be in the form of creating vibrational matter focused in the intensity range of 20 to 20,000 kHz in short 3 to 5 minute bursts. If this was to be maintained through traditional Radio Frequency Modulation for the minimum length of 2 years 2 months and 2 days, the Earth's Energy Axis Responder would activate and radiate balancing harmonic vibrations through the planet. It would be through these harmonic vibrations that would counteract the destructive patterns to manifest in the year 2267.

After much deliberation the Solarian council had decided the proposal from the Men from MarsBlack was the most conducive plan to date.
The Council assigned a Martian pelagian to guide and advise them in their decision making and review plans to which would be exposed to the Human civilization of that era. Also a female native to Mars was assigned to the crew responsible for maintaining the process and collecting data of Earth’s inhabitant’s reactions to the energy shifts being created. 2 of the Solarian council’s prestigious gomashta’s were assigned to protect the sensitive equipment and maintain the mental and physical well being of the men from MarsBlack.

The Journey

In 2288, the closing of the Galactic Year of Blue Galactic storm was approaching, the crew from MarsBlack had completed their first round of training preparing for their journey into the past...
The History of time travel

Research technology and development for time travel in the 3rd dimension was exhausted by 2239. Many lives had been lost in the attempt to accelerate/decelerate human beings into multiple octave light speed velocities. Too many variables coupled with biological limitations made any form of high acceleration vehicle prohibitive. It was decided more research was necessary to explore other options of supposed time/space travel.

In 2255, a group of scientists achieved far more productive results than those pursuing 3rd dimensional time travel limitations. LDD's or Lucid Dreamer descendants were proving without a doubt to be the next generation of "conscious" travelers.

In the 20th century Lucid dreaming was explored and developed for paralyzed victims. They were trained to be able to direct ones dreams to interact in events that were physically not possible in their conscious state. It wasn't until a 3rd generation descendant of a lifetime long lucid dreamer discovered her ability to travel through a myriad of different resonating dimensions. Earth time travel was an easier accomplishment due to it's shifting resonating frequencies were discovered and recorded over a century ago. The process involved a lucid dreamer being placed in an environment of relative resonating frequencies of that time period. The rooms were constructed of both naturally occurring to man made crystalline structures to resonate with that 3rd dimensional frequencies of that time on Earth. It was then the ability of the lucid dreamer to engage and interact in that dimension.
4th and broader spectrum dimensions were not bound by limiting 3rd degree physical matter. In fact, the research now was focused on deriving resonant frequencies of other systems. Their research had discovered 12 dimensions within 12 dimensions with the possibility of being more, which opened the door to incredible amounts research.

Many mysteries of humans over the centuries to whom fell victim to comas or various levels of psychosis were speculated to be actually traveling to different dimensions willingly or unwillingly, returning momentarily to the 3rd dimension consciousness state. This research showed that 3rd dimensional consciousness awareness is necessary rest in order to explore subconscious states. In other words their sleep state was what we called our conscious awake state.

In 2288 advanced methods had developed in dimensional travel. The men from MarsBlack were placed in crystal chambers, induced into a lucid dream state. Not only were they attuned to the resonant frequency of the 21st century, but even fine tuned to a particular individual living in that time period. The individuals chosen were based on their skill level and abilities to assist the men from MarsBlack in accomplishing their objectives. They first made appearances to the chosen in dream states then eventually working with them in alternative consciousness states.

Once the Earth beings of the 20th century were assembled into a team, the story unfolds...


My parents were 3rd generation citizens of the operational staff of the Kyriad Scientific Observatory on Phobos (K-SOP). Originally the observatory was built for weather and deep space observations, prelude to the beginning of the planetary war in 2184. Mars had struggled for its independence that lasted in a 63-year conflict with Earth's Unified Government.

My grandfather would tell me stories of the conspiracies, the corruption and plans of "terminating" the scientific community on Mars, for those who wouldn't abide by the laws of the E.U.G. The Observatory quickly became the eyes of sustaining life on Mars. An outpost to warn of any attacks of unidentified in-bound ships or PPBM's. One of the reasons the E.U.G. became hostile was a device that was invented in 2121. The Transverse Axis Vector Electromagnetic Levator was invented. T.R.A.V.E.L was a device that allowed interplanetary travel possible using only the natural occurring magnetic fields in the known universe. The scientific community on Mars were ecstatic, broadcasts were sent throughout the community and then to Earth.....or so they thought.

I was born and raised in the Valles Marineris region until the age of 10 when my parents were assigned active duty on K-SOP in 2266. Their research was more on the lines why K-SOP was conceived in the first place, research and development. The low gravitational properties of Phobos allowed certain isotopes to be created. My father was on the team responsible for developing the 256th and 257th elements in the Table of Elements in 2272. Mom was more involved with vibrational studies, music to be specific. She was responsible for maintaining physical, mental and spiritual homeostasis of the staff at K-SOP through various types of audible vibrations radiated throughout the day. Using the gifts my parents gave me I researched ways to incorporate Science and Nature in a balanced self-perpetuating cycles. In 2282 I became liaison to the Solarian Council. I was to report activities and events and discuss solutions to present day events in the Martian community. In 2285 I started transporting 3 times a week to Mars playing in hopes in forming a band with a bunch of boys from the old neighborhood. Most were still on active duty with the Mars Naval academy so time was of the essence. T.R.A.V.E.L. costs had come down quite a bit over the last decade that allowed us to enjoy each other's company without breaking the bank.

All of us had an idea of what was going on, even on Mars there are levels of information that would reach us. We would trade information during band meetings. Rumors were spreading of a supposed collision course with Earth, but nothing had been confirmed. That and the fact we didn't focus on what was the latest gossip anyways. It was more of just glad to get together and jam.

It wasn't until 2287 did we find out the details, The Solarian Council had held out long enough and made an announcement, more of a plea actually. The fact was we had 6 years remaining before the Earth's moon would come in close enough proximity to cause major damage to Mars. Most of our topographite cities (surface locations) would be ripped into the atmosphere. Underground sites would survive, but all of our food supplies were generated above ground, there simply wouldn't be enough time to rebuild and start the cycle of food production without starving to death first. The plea followed by forgiveness of not telling the communities and local government agencies sooner, they thought a solution would present itself by now....

Galactic Year of Blue Galactic Storm 2288
Day 7, Sunday, Month of the Self-Existing Owl Moon

The Solarian Council wishes to extend their sincerest gratitude for the efforts and sacrifices you have made. The journey is only just beginning....

News from home: As seen from The Kyriad Scientific Observation post on Phobos (K-SOP), Earth's tectonic plates have shifted once again, this is the third time in the last 11 weeks a severity shift of 6.3 on the Richter scale has occurred. Scientists are baffled by the inability to pinpoint the epicenter of each event. From what information has been compiled from Earth, scientists believe the epicenter is randomly radiating from the core of the planet, not along the St. Andreas or any other known fault as earlier predicated. Major disruptions along the eastern seaboard of the United States have caused yet another continental shift. Confirmation has been received the continents are gravitating towards one another at a rate as high as .76 meters every 88 hours. Speculation that in 3 years Earth will once again form its known supercontinent of Pangaea.

As we are approaching the centennial of Mars Independence from Earth's political tyranny in 2189, we will hold a banquet in your honor for the Men and crew of MarsBlack.

GOD speed gentlemen.

The Solarian Council

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