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MarsBlack was a band that I was in for a few years, I had the dream to once be in the music industry with good friends doing the thing that I loved at the time unconditionally. It was a time of getting my feet wet with the music industry. I learned quite a bit from this adventure and gained quite a bit of knowledge in regards to the music industry and how hard it was to hold a band together.

In any band the relationships and diversity of talent ranges, all I can say is that we definitely were not in to it unless we were going somewhere (at that time). But as time passed people changed, things changed, band members changed! Thats usually what happens to all good bands that have good music just waiting for that right producer to come along and take it to the next level and take you to the world tour.

As time progressed I felt it was time to change my lifestyle and go full steam into my career. I was all done with the music industry and am glad I did what I did at the time I did.

In the end MarsBlack left me with this collection of good songs that are all original and are great memories of some great musicians that I have had the pleasure of playing in a band with.

So, I leave you with the music of MarsBlack...

Oh, by the way - My whole collection of MarsBlack material was solen from my car a few years back and I have reassembled my colection through the past members catalogs. Thanks guys! If you are the one who stole my CD's or know someone who did, I'll take them back no questions asked ;)

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Jack Barakitis

Thanks brother for all your efforts on maintaining a piece of musical history, it's much appreciated. Stay warm up there! :)

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